Lots of good guidance in this article about UX myths, but in a few spots, while I essentially agree with the author and others cited on the topic, they want to take the crusade too far. While it is true that the 3 click rule is not relevant in terms of actual usability, it is a guideline to get people to think logically about user paths. You shouldn’t sacrifice creating a path to the information that a user is seeking in order to fit it into 3 clicks, but you should try to make it so that you maintain a credible structure, while still allowing a user to get to the data they want as rapidly as possible.

When it comes to apps, this is even more critical on both the web and mobile, because task oriented clicks can be tirelessly annoying if you have to go through too many steps to get there. I think the author just tried to make the case too broadly.

When you are designing an app, rather than an informational website, you have to keep the clicks to a minimum.

This post should have been called 5 UX demons for websites, but other components are just as relevant to applications whether web, mobile, or desktop.

via 5 UX demons that need exorcising.