I was anointed the “App Shredder” by one of my mentees at a startup here in Miami, FL. It’s not because I think I know all the answers or even that my critiques are perfect, but I try to be as thorough as possible when I critique any kind of application, so the development team has something to think about as they approach their next version.

Sometimes all of what I suggest gets implemented, but most of the time only some of the things. What my shreds do though is help people plot the right direction forward and have the right strategy for success. I look forward to shredding your app too.

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Brad Nickel

For 2 decades, Brad Nickel has been designing, planning, managing, and growing technology products and markets. He developed and launched the world’s first web-based SaaS (software as a service) for small businesses. He conceived of and developed the first tabbed web browser and he conceived of, launched, and struck the deals for the primary xml-based networking technology used in all networked printers and copiers.

He has built and managed teams for numerous technology companies and today he consults with CEOs of startups and large companies to help them plan, develop, position, and market their technology products. He loves helping companies take their ideas to market and spends a great deal of time mentoring startups in Miami, FL. Brad lives with his beautiful wife Karin and their amazing children Zachary and Amanda.