Get your app right!

AppShredder provides honest. direct, and professional feedback on your app, your business, your brand, and your strategy, that you really can't get from your team or your friends. Users will tell you what they they like, don't like, and want, but they can rarely articulate what should be. When you get Shredded, you get torn down and then built back up with the kind of actionable analysis and plan you need for success. We don't pull any punches, but we also help you make it better. Are you ready to get Shredded? gets shredded

Introduction to App Shredder I created this site, because the startups I mentor call me the App Shredder, the Pitch Shredder, Plan Shredder, etc. It means that I usually break things down and then build them up. In this first shred though, it is more critical than...

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